Monday, November 22

Do You Know Who You Are?

Do you know who you are? 
Do you know what you see when you look at your self? 
Do you know what you are, does it matter to you? 
Are you just in the world going along from day today, never giving it a thought. You get up, shower, coffee, dress, and go about your day. 

Who are you? Is anything getting to you? Are you in love? Do you know what love is? Are you mad, weeping for no reason? Do you love the feel of the sun rays hitting you, as you walk? Do the clouds do anything for you when you look up? Do you look up; do you know that the clouds are there?

Have you given any thought to life, how do you know who you are, how do I find out? Do you know your age, your real age? Do you have a soul?

Find a place for you and rest in it. In your room, office, park, a place that is clam, a thinking place, but not thinking.

Do you pray. Do you know who to pray to, is it a form, or a moving being? Does it shine, talk who or what do you pray to?  A minute, a day, an hour, weeks, months, years, again who do you pray to? Do you know who God is? Where he came from, how long he has been here, what is this thing or person called God? Have you read anything about him, do you think its true or you have given it no thought?

In this quiet place that you have made for yourself, position yourself on your knees that are your start.

 Start talking to God, just talk, he hears you, let it all go, everything that you feel, and what ever everything that is in you, tell God. He already knows it before you say it, there is no need to lie. You can tell him the truth; he takes you as you are. How does it feel? What am I suppose to feel? You want know until it happens. As time goes on, and it is not over night, it takes years, to be free, from self, completely free.
And when you are free, there is nothing on Earth like it! It is so, POWERFUL you know who you are,” WHO YOU ARE” what some look for all of there lives, and some never find, self. Are you looking for you, do you want to know who you are, do you count the grains of sand on the beach, will you ever, know how many are spreader across the beach?
 That is who you are, that is how powerful freedom is. Look at the beach, the grains of sand. Think.

Good Luck ~
Hope You Know Who You Are~